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Email Append

Add more to get more customers!

Are you losing out potential business opportunities due to incorrect or missing email data? On an average 3 to 6 percent of business email address become undeliverable in a month. This means one third of your email communication doesn’t reach your customer or prospects.

Regardless of the current state of your database, Worldwidelead Infotech Email Append process provides an effective way to add valid email address to your database. During email appending service, we scan your customer database against our master database, any exact data match located while scanning is appended to your database.

Worldwidelead Infotech email appending service adds verified and permission based contacts to your database. We achieve append rates of 65 percent and more on business email address, thereby expanding the database.

Adding fresh email address to your business enables you to
  • Connect with more customers/prospects through email campaigns
  • Reduce the cost of marketing by leveraging cost-effective email channel
  • Execute targeted email campaigns instantly to promote products or services
Why Worldwidelead Infotech for Email Appending?
  • We test the accuracy of each email address before appending
  • Flexible pricing plan based on your budget
  • Faster turnaround time of 5 to 7 business days depending on the project