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Email Marketing Leads

Customers on Your Fingertips

Are your prospects in different parts of the world? Is making calls or physically mailing them guzzling all your resources? Fret not! Now companies can have the same profound impact on their prospect’s buying decisions with our intensely targeted leads.

We can make your prospects actively read your mails

Comprehensive research about prospects, at Worldwidelead Infotech ensures that clients always reach the right people at the right time. All our email addresses are double opted-in and our verification system is foolproof, making sure that bounces will never be a concern. Our dynamic micro-segmentation and profiling makes sure that emails aren’t sent to those who are not interested in buying products. This also ensures clients are never ever marked as spam.

The number of deals you make will match the number of your email marketing leads

Every penny of the email marketing campaign is spent wisely in trying to reach ‘ready-to-buy’ prospects. We can provide custom build leads based on a company’s unique target market. Ordinarily, in most campaigns, only 30 percent of leads are converted into sales. However, at Worldwidelead Infotech, we identify those 30 percent and send the campaign exclusively to them so that there is 100 percent response rate.

Put simply,
  • You don’t waste a penny on invalid or outdated email addresses
  • Our micro segmented lists help you reach niche markets with minimum effort
  • Reach your audience at crucial stages of their decision process